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Global warming, the protection of the environment and the biodiversity, deadly wars and the other major challenges of our time are urgent priorities. The countdown has started a long time ago, time is now running out.
It is through our inner transformation and our collective efforts that we can help create and develop the causes and conditions of freedom, peace and security for ourselves, our families and all beings living on Earth.

To launch large-scale initiatives that could create large-scale impacts, we want to meet all people of faith, strength and courage who are challenged by the paradign of Cain taking care of Abel. We will collaborate and cooperate with them in sharing and solidarity, far away from zero-sum games, impatience, pride, jealousy and rivalry.
In the 21st century, the point of departure for universal responsibility was when Cain took care of his younger brother Abel, who in return, took care of Cain. Universal responsibility and the altruistic enlightened mind are united : Lhaksam and Bodhicitta are inseparable.
In the third century, in China, at the time of the Three Kingdoms, the prime minister and strategist of the Kingdom of the West, Zhuge Liang, wanted to force destiny thanks to his exceptional personal genius. He died in war, sick and desperate because of his predictable and definitive failure.

Life abounds. Yet some are frustrated and sulk in their corner. The exuberant vitality feeds on all seeds and fruits ; It benefits from all contributions and inputs ; It is continually prolific.
In our daily lives we experience ups and downs, successes and failures, victories and defeats. We must overcome difficulties and obstacles. Every day is a new day and every morning we wake up like new beings.
We have always accepted the harsh reality of life, for ourselves and for others. It is life that keeps the agenda and that often likes to upset us, often with good reason.
We believe in action and legitimacy and we avoid self-complacency and self-satisfaction, sources of narcissism and self withdrawal.

Our lives and quests are chaotic. This is why it is important, first, to secure them, and then make them more fluid :
1. Secure in order to go all the way and cross the finish line, one after the other.
2. Fluidify in order to overcome difficulties and shocks, and move forward as quickly as possible by seizing opportunities.

The essential questions remain the same for all : What life ? What quest ? What identity ? Which place ? What mission and what role ?
It is a dynamic in movement for a full and meaningful life. The ideal is not a a system that is regulated, inert or fixed.

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