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   Inner peace
   Sofia Stril-Rever

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  A call for revolution!

  Network of mentors
   Equal opportunities
   New driving forces
   Three principles of action
   Courageous mentors
   Young people for employment

   Seventeen goals of UNO
   Succeeding with complex projects
   Facing the great challenges
   Building sustainable growth


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The Charter of Universal Responsibility is proposed to the mankind as ethical guidelines most needed for our generations and the next ones.
The worldwide spreading of the Charter is a huge and complex long-term project, it will mobilize skillful and experienced teams in each country.
It is an original and innovative international initiative, which will produce very great impacts in the educational, economical and social fields.

The action plan must be executed accordingly to the highest standards of complex project management, taking in account :

1. the traditional culture and political system in each country
2. the levels in the education, economy and social system in each nation
3. the awareness of values such as freedom, peace, security, democracy, justice, solidarity and non-violence of each people.

Our initiative needs the strong commitment and the general mobilization of many people in each country.
We will develop the partnership and the alliance with the leaders and their followers – in Europe and in the world - such as:

1. political leaders, social leaders, business leaders, scientists, thinkers, writers, artists, champion athletes, journalists
2. religious leaders and non-believer leaders
3. movie and TV stars, actors, actresses, singers, media and show-business leaders
4. influent actors of the knowledge economy and the online social-networks, etc.

The members of the organisation are believers of traditional religions and non believers as well, so the believers will legitimately ask for the active participation and contribution of their respective religious authorities and organizations.

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