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Throughout time, the relationship between the mentor and mentee ideally goes through four stages.

1. Loneliness

- At the beginning they do not know each other, each one lives his life separately.
- It is possible that the mentor and mentee are separated after unsolvable disagreements and each one goes again his own way.

2. Connectedness

- After the first encounters, they learn to know and appreciate each other.
- They are full of enthusiasm and energy when they see each other, and they feel a need when they are distant from one another.

3. Harmony

- They live and act in harmony, each listening to the other and the communication is excellent in both ways.
- Mutual understanding is natural and spontaneous, no need of frictions or disputes to resolve disagreements.

4. Unity

- They have the same vision about themselves, about others and about life.
- They work together by aligning the common interest with their personal interests.

The transition from one stage to the next is not definitive or irreversible, and the return to loneliness of the separation are common and spoils the good relations between both parties.

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