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Young people for employment

We strongly recommend the future mentors of Universal Responsibility to contact the local mentor counselors for youth employment missions and to mentor at least one young person according to the protocols in force at the local missions.
Youth mentoring has for long proven its usefulness and effectiveness.

Present on all the national territory with 5,000 reception points, the 447 local missions carry out a mission of public service of proximity in order to enable all young people aged 16 to 25 to overcome the difficulties which hinder their professional and social development.
1.4 million young people are accompanied each year by local missions. Almost 13,000 professionals accompany them in their job search.

To briefly introduce the mentoring of young people for employment, below is an illustration of the information on the website of the local missions of Haute Normandie.

Mentoring : A volunteering commitment for youth employment

Mentoring consists in facilitating the work integration of people encountering difficulties with professional integration by being accompanied by volunteers.

Individually, the mentor accompanies a young person or several young people by making them benefit from their own experience and network in order to help them find a job.

In Haute Normandie more than 900 mentors, CEO’s, business managers, artisans, managers of not for profit organizations ...

It takes little time and it works !

With an average of one interview per month, and a mentoring duration of around 6 months, each year the mentors manage to bring more than 60% of the young people they meet towards integration (employment and training).

Shared interventions :

The interventions of the mentors are complementary to those of the professionals of the local missions.

The ML counselors remain present during the mentoring and are possible relays for some of the issues.

Mentoring instructions

Mentoring is based on a three-party commitment : the mentor - the young person – the counselor

It is the counselor who identifies the young person and prepares him to meet him with the mentor. He creates the favorable conditions by ensuring the adherence of the young person and by soliciting a mentor who corresponds to his expectations and his personality.

It is he who organizes the relationship between the mentor and the young person with which the mentoring can be set up.

Reciprocal commitments :

The young person :
- To be active in his / her relationship with the mentor whom he meets regularly
- To actively look for a job
- To inform his mentor and his / her adviser of the steps taken and agree to discuss it.
- Taking into account the advice of the mentor

The mentor :
- To welcome, listen to and regularly accompany the mentee
- To pass on their technical knowledge for job searching, their experience of the professional world and recruitment.
- Encourage his mentee by valuing his qualities and aptitudes.
- To help him validate his professional project.
- To make him benefit from his relational network

The counselor :
- Organize the relationship
- Establish regular monitoring
- To be a technical and logistical support for the mentors in their action
- Ensures the functioning of the network of mentors

Becoming a mentor

Are you interested in becoming a mentor ?

The committed mentors have showed their willingness to engage with the young people in a solidarity approach. They want to transmit, they have qualities of listening and dialogue and are recognized in their professional network

You want to join a network of more than 900 mentors : heads of companies, executives, employees, elected representatives, trade unionists, association managers, retirees ...

Being a mentor is :
- Spend some time to help them
- Get involved and invested in a privileged relationship
- Share your knowledge of the company and its environment
- Raising awareness of the realities of the professional world
- Accompany in the implementation of the process
- Re-establish self-confidence
- Analyze and value the skills and abilities ...

Become a mentor :
Contact Sylvie Saintemarie (Regional Director)

Become a mentee

More than 800 young people are accompanied every year. Of these 800 mentees, 7 out of 10 come out of the program with a concrete employment or training solution.

Are you motivated, willing, ready to commit ? Are you looking for innovative help ?

With mentoring you multiply your assets.

Business leaders, association leaders, executives or elected officials support you :
- Professional advice and all the value of their experience
- Support for applying in the companies within their networks
- Specific information on the jobs and the companies that you are interested in
- Their opinion on recruiters, and their recommendations on your process, CV, letters ...

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