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Courageous mentors

Always in search of the truth and the meaning of life, the mentors of the 21st century gradually acquire the essential decoding keys that allow them to grasp the secret meaning of spoken words and the opportunities to connect directly with the contemporary and ancient sages.

The transmission of knowledge and know-how is generally indirect through texts, illustrations and multimedia documents.
The transmission of « being » and codes of conduct are most often direct through the imitation of words, gestures and behaviors.

The transmission of lived experiences is direct and rare : when the finger shows the moon, we must spontaneously see the moon, then recognize it clearly, and above all maintain this spontaneous vision and this clear recognition uninterrupted.

Through their intensive and repeated efforts of patience, perseverance, and concentration, mentors provide apprentices with examples to follow and models to imitate.

With faith, strength and courage, they have themselves taken charge of, gone into depth and perfected the learning curve in six stages, comparable to the climbing and then the descent of Mount Everest :

1. Recognize
2. Respect
3. Admire
4. Love
5. Give
6. Protect.

Obviously mentors do not learn, do not train, do not seize opportunities instead of apprentices. They accompany them in their personal and professional development, and they always encourage them to move forward on their own.

One of the most important operating principles of Universal Responsibility Mentoring is the ideal number of four mentors for four apprentices, always several mentors for several apprentices, never a single mentor for a single apprentice.

Patience is primordial, mentors let the apprentices be and do not bother them with insignificant trifles.
They are not those who give lessons and who want to force apprentices at all costs into rigid molds and have them behave as identical clones.

Precipitation is to be banished because, according to our own lived experiences, "The more it is delayed, the better. "
Our daily motto is "Great inventiveness and great activity", it is the exact opposite of the expression "Too lazy to think and act. "

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