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Building sustainable growth

NEO TRAINING New Engine Option


Growth is sustainable if remarkable performances are renewed over time. We must therefore continue to bring together the key factors for success and adhere to the rules.

By seizing opportunities we jointly undertake major initiatives that produce strong and large scale impacts.

The major effect will be achieved by combining freedom of action, concentration of effort and economy of means.

The purpose of creating value and wealth is to serve the general interest.


The participants multiply new insightful experiences and improve their skills :
- Driving change through intensive training and rigorous preparation
- Building strong alliances to achieve ambitious goals
- Federate visionary strategists and experienced tacticians.


Participants fully engage in the action and sharpen their sense of responsibility :
- Adapting actions to changing populations and environments
- Take into account the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders
- Train high potential candidates to prepare for succession.


Our fundamentals learning program allows participants to live through experiences, to shed light on them and decode them for concrete implementation.

1. « Creative Professionals » Seminar - 3 days

Participants put education and technology at the service of change :
- Getting out of isolation
- Mobilizing actors who are willing to contribute to progress
- Transmit skills with generosity and perseverance.

2. « Creative Innovators » Seminar - 3 days

Participants share their visions with their collaborators :
- Promoting awareness
- Clarify obscure points to dispel fears, doubts and confusion
- Overcome internal blockages and external limitations.

3. « Creative Leaders » Seminar - 3 days

The participants prepare themselves to motivate and mobilize their partners with full self confidence :
- Understand exactly how to produce major effects and obtain achievements
- Holding legitimacy and authority
- Resolving violent conflicts.

4. "Action and Results" Seminar - 3 days

A final closing seminar before taking action : exchange and sharing of experiences among participants.

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