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Facing the great challenges

NEO TRAINING New Engine Option


In periods of accelerating change the temptation may be closing into oneself and isolation. The bar has become too high. At the foot of the wall the feeling of hopelessness paralyzes one and increases pessimism.

To face the great challenges, companies need skilled and experienced men and women with cold blood and self-control.

We are called to strengthen ourselves and take courage to incarnate and live the transformative experiences and commitments of solidarity.

Change and growth then become opportunities that encourage us to give the best of ourselves.


Our seminars aim to provide leaders and project teams with clarity and commitment to action. The objectives of the training are :

- Help each and every one to give the best of themselves, to take risks and assume their responsibilities
- Taking leadership to lead teams to success
- Keep the freedom of action in a crisis situation.


Leaders seize the right opportunities with their teams, and focus their efforts on set goals.
In order to achieve long-term performance, they develop their lucidity and their ability to perform :
- Identify blockages and limitations, decide quickly and act immediately
- Integrating multidisciplinary expertise to increase collective performance for execution
- Develop responsiveness and openness to innovations.


Our fundamentals learning program allows participants to live through experiences, shed light on them and decode them for concrete implementation.

1. « Creative Professionals » Seminar - 3 days

Participants develop specific skills :
- Change your mindset
- Believe in what we do
- Prevent sabotage
- Identify the potential
- Acting in continuity
- Implement creativity and serendipity.

2. Creative Innovators Seminar - 3 days

Participants transform reality with strength and courage, both individually and collectively.
- Taking Risks
- Coping with resistances
- Seizing Opportunities
- Moving towards success
- Distinguish the essence of the accessory
- Strengthen the desire, passion and motivation.

3. « Creative Leaders » Seminar - 3 days

Indecision leads to nowhere, the participants verify that only action produces results.
- Absorbing the shock of the crisis
- Being one step ahead
- Untangling knots or going into the essence
- Asking for help
- Pull and push teams forward
- Continue to the finish lines.

4. "Action and Results" Seminar - 3 days

A final closing seminar before taking action : exchange and sharing of experiences among participants.

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