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Like Pope Francis, who published the encyclical letter Laudato si’, the Dalai Lama takes a stand on climate change and environmental protection, with the book New Reality.
To face the greatest challenges of our time, he advocates inner peace, global ethics, and universal responsibility.

Co-author of the book New Reality, Sofia Stril-Rever conveys the essential message of the Dalai Lama on environmental issues and on universal responsibility.
Indeed, all the problems of the world created by humanity can not be solved miraculously by external forces. Each one of us is urged to grow strong and have the courage to live and embody the transformative realizations and the commitments to solidarity.
It is up to all of us, together, to take the necessary major initiatives that produce strong and large-scale impacts.

In the current situation of economic, social, security, and climate urgency, added to the economic and social priorities, the major challenges of our time can be arranged into four themes or action groups:

1. Climate change, environmental protection and biodiversity, citizen ecology
2. Health, wellbeing, and inner peace
3. Education and ethics
4. Human rights, resolution of conflicts and wars, peace in the world.

To create and develop an international network of mentors of universal responsibility, the Association for Peace and Universal Responsibility offers to accompany them with a double-training, useful for personal, family, professional, and social life:

1. Individual training for inner peace, secular ethics and universal responsibility.
2. The training of the agile teams for creativity and innovation in order to face together the challenges of our time.

Then, in cooperation and coordination with the change agents and social entrepreneurs, the French team, who promotes the values of humanism and citizen ecology, will contribute to these collective actions in order to build a better world and hand it down to future generations.

Association Paix et Responsabilité Universelle, not-for-profit organization
Khoa Nguyen, founding president
Sofia Stril-Rever, founding co-president and spokesperson
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