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Succeeding with complex projects

NEO TRAINING New Engine Option


Faced with unprecedented problems and crises, organizations need collaborators that are capable of going beyond habits and obsolete solutions.

In the economy of knowledge, success lies in the ability to develop innovative projects from A to Z.
The talents, the desire, passion and motivation exist and must be recognized ; this way opportunities can be transformed into major successes.

Success should not put us to sleep. It is important to always aim higher and farther.


Participants acquire the necessary skills to work and succeed as a team. The five main disciplines are :
1. Creativity
2. Innovation
3. Competitiveness
4. Reactivity
5. Leadership


Participants are able to
- Solve problems
- Overcome difficulties
- Overcome obstacles.

Above all, they will cross the finish lines one after the other.
The finish line can be called "Major Effect". It is achieved by applying the three key principles : freedom of action, concentration of efforts and economy of means.


Our fundamentals learning program allows participants to live through experiences, shed light on them and decode them for concrete implementation.

1. « Creative Professionals » Seminar - 3 days

Aware of their identity, their place and their role, participants develop an unbendable optimism :
- Finding new solutions to new problems
- Working together as a team
- Seize opportunities and turn them into success.

2. « Creative Innovators » Seminar – 3 days

The participants seize the keys of breakthrough innovation and incremental innovation that are necessary to invent new growth factors :
- Go beyond market standards
- Integrate the greatest desirability and greater profitability to the technological feasibility
- Continue to improve again and again.

3. « Creative Leaders » Seminar - 3 days

The participants train to share their visions and to create cohesion within their teams :
- Align the action with the strategy adopted by their companies
- Accelerate the development and launching of innovative products and services
- Maintain the teams united and supportive, against the risks of disbelief and disunity.

4. "Action and Results" Seminar - 3 days

A final closing seminar before taking action : exchange and sharing of experiences among participants.

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