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Creativity - Innovation - Competitiveness -
Responsiveness - Leadership - Teamwork

In the first part of the 21st century the world is in a state of economic, social, security, and climatic security, it is full of pitfalls of constraints, upheavals and risks.
Faced with chronic uncertainty and imminent dangers, we can not indefinitely live with fears, doubts, confusion, immobility and helplessness.
Even with an extraordinary resilience and capacity to deal with violent shocks, we must be able to rebound and rebuild a better future for ourselves and for humanity.

By knowingly becoming the champions of the Manifesto of Universal Responsibility, the mentors of universal responsibility will resolutely assume the special responsibility of preparing the new generations to live inner peace, global ethics and universal responsibility on a daily basis.
It is a mission of public utility founded on generosity and perseverance on the long run, no matter what the favorable or contrary situations and circumstances of each person may be.

To solve problems, overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles, we must sharpen the vision and increase the capacity of execution.
By using the aeronautical metaphor, at every important step in our lives, it is as if we were giving ourselves a new dashboard in the cockpit and new engines in the wings.

Designed to be integrated into the process of personal, professional and social development of future participants, the NEO New Engine Option training programs prepare them for :
1. Succeed in Complex Projects
2. Face great challenges
3. Building sustainable growth.

The course has twelve seminars in three years, with four seminars of three days each year.
The synthesis of the programs can be found in the nine posters of O.VISION.

Acquisition of the six skills
1. Creativity in motion
2. Do different and better
3. Creative Leadership and Teamwork

Strengthening of the six skills
4. O.VISION Inside
5. Transforming reality
6. Action produces results

Perfection of the six skills
7. Education and technology
8. Action-oriented seminars
9. TorukMakto from the movie Avatar

The short-term goal is to seize opportunities to find creative solutions and produce concrete results :
1. Develop self-confidence, self-esteem and agility od actors
2. Share the vision, coordinate actions, mobilize stakeholders
3. Aim for collective performance and sustainable excellence.

The medium-term objective is to cross the finish lines one after the other :
1. The finish line may be called "Major Effect".
2. It is achieved by applying the three key principles : "freedom of action, concentration of efforts and economy of means."

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