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We want to give the mentors and the mentees the opportunities to develop as best as possible their talents, skills, expertises and intuitions.

And we have observed that three principles are essential to the efficiency of working teams within a business, an administration, local authorities and non-governmental organizations.

1. The first principle of action

Action produces results.
By constantly hesitating and delaying the necessary decisions, we indefinitely postpone the beneficial results.
For collective action the conditions sought-after are coordination, cohesion and the flow-state described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

2. The second principle of subsidiarity(or thinking globally and acting locally, or genchi genbutsu of the TPS of Toyota)

The general and his officers have full power on the battlefield.
The captain and the co-pilot are the masters on board in the airplane.
This principle does not only apply in the geography and space, it is also valid in history and time.
The great figures of the past cannot solve the problems of the 21st century.
Similarly, the leaders of the 21st century will not be able to solve the problems of the 22nd century.
It will be the global and local leaders of the 22nd century that will solve global and local problems of the 22nd century.

3. The third principle of cooperation

This principle is based on the logic of WIN-WIN.
Usually we play the zero-sum game where the sum of the winnings of all players is equal to 0, this means that the gain of one necessarily constitutes a loss for the other.
That is why the real cooperation between partners is rare, and is exceptionally long lasting, one partner most often succeeds at the expense of the others.
The cooperation between partners and - better yet – the collaboration within teams imperatively requires the field to deploy itself and time to consolidate.

Several operational methodologies - including agile or participatory - help to accelerate and secure complex projects with major challenges and tight deadlines.

Three of them are well established and have enabled positive and verified results :

1. DesignShop of Matt and Gayle Taylor, and the franchise Accelerated Solutions Environment ASE of Capgemini
2. Design thinking of the firm Ideo
3. Sprint in 5 days of Google Ventures.

We will therefore give the mentors and the mentees, as well experienced professionals and agile quartets, several possibilities to get a special and fluid training for creativity, innovation, leadership and teamwork, in order to face together the great challenges of our time.

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