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In the 21st century the global civilization has become richer, more diversified and more complex with the development and progress in all fields and more particularly in the scientific, technical, economic, social, legal, cultural and artistic ones.

However, despite the education for all, human beings remain the same in their personal, family, professional and social lives. They still face ignorance, greed and hatred. They continue to suffer and to accumulate negative karma, driven by anger, frustration, anxiety, doubt, jealousy, excitement, confusion, depression, pessimism.

Disasters are caused by human beings and major risks for their physical and mental health as well as for the state of the Earth endanger the life and survival of humanity.

Learning from our mistakes and no longer wasting time

Global warming is the emblematic case of the harmful consequences of human activities on a global scale.
The urgent priority is to learn from our mistakes and to correct them immediately.

The countdown of the catastrophic effects was already triggered long ago and time is too limited for us to live unconsciously and with indifference, as if the dangers that have been studied and recognized by scientific experts do not actually exist.

Denial, refusal and rejection of these real dangers are a major and deadly risk for humanity.
Conflicts and wars still ravage people and nations, deadly violence still kills countless victims, peace in the world is necessarily achieved through peace in the hearts.

The transmission of human values through the Charter of the Universal Responsibility

The holistic education of the world’s youth and it’s future generations are an absolute necessity since the future of humanity and the Earth is de facto in their hands. It is them and only them who will shape the present and the future of life on Earth. It is essential, for the greater benefit of all, that they put into practice in their daily activities the values of humanism and civic ecology.

Acquiring the best state-of-the art skills

The first rule of life is "to fulfill one’s duties according to Satyagraha, regardless of good or bad results for oneself. "
But the current situation of humanity and the Earth calls for individual and collective actions crowned with remarkable and lasting successes.

The access to the best knowledge, the best know-how and the best practices has until now been reserved for the elite nations, it must imperatively be open and accessible for the youth from around the world and for future generations.

In the 21st century generosity is not a single rare quality, it is a burning moral obligation.
The same goes for discipline, patience, perseverance, mediation and wisdom,
as well as loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

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