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Equal opportunities, instructions for use

Mentoring for universal responsibility is based on a relationship of trust, generosity and perseverance from mentors and apprentices.
Mentors accompany, help and support young people and adults who would need external reinforcements at the crucial moments in their lives.
The ultimate goal to gradually be achieved is that apprentices, whatever their ages, gain autonomy and fully live their lives in freedom, by exercising their free will in their reflections, decisions and actions.
It is a true personal, professional, social, moral, and eventually spiritual lift up.

However, sometimes our common humanity is summed up in a cruel truth : "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. "
In order to anticipate and avoid as much as possible the avoidable slips and drifts, rigorous rules of governance, steering and daily practice strictly govern the organization and operation of the network of mentors.

The displayed moral principles and ethical values are not enough ; pragmatic indicators, both qualitative and quantitative, allow the evaluation and monitoring of the actions of mentors and apprentices.
The rules are not imposed as bureaucratic and vexatious constraints, they are solid barriers against bad temptations and dangerous encounters.

We do not venture into the jungle of a terra incognita.
The creation and development of the network of mentors of universal responsibility benefits from at least 25 centuries of feedback from experiences in all countries.
The existing knowledge base is already rich in varied documentations recounting real facts or symbolic narratives that illuminate the present with the light of the past.
The Charter of Universal Responsibility and the internal rules of procedure are added to the classic reference texts to frame our mentoring and network of mentors in the 21st century and the following centuries.

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