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Written at the request of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by Sofia Stril-Rever, and in the spirit of his teachings. Finalized with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, at Oxford University, on September 15th 2015.

Reviewed and edited with Venerable Samdhong Rinpoche ; Professor Robert Thurman, President of Tibet House New York and Je Tsongkhapa Chair of Tibetan Studies at Columbia University, New York ; Dr Erik Itzkin, Director of Immutable Heritage in Johannesburg, biographer of Mahatma Gandhi.

Threefold awareness

1. Inner peace and the shared reality of life
2. Our inner humanity
3. Satyagraha, the strength of truth

Eleven life commitments

1. Inner peace
2. Ahimsa, non violence
3. An antispeciesist ethic
4. Human dignity
5. Sharing
6. Democracy
7. Economic justice
8. The promotion of women
9. A holistic education
10. A culture of Satyagraha
11. A universal responsibility wisdom


1. Inner peace and the shared reality of life

I was born on this Earth, a child of life, in the bosom of the cosmos.

The messages of the universe are incorporated in my genetic codes. I am connected with all living beings in our shared reality of life. I become aware of the fact that the wellbeing of all living beings depends on the balance of ecosystems, themselves dependent on the peace in the hearts of men, and the spirit of justice in human societies where no one must be rejected, disabled by hunger, poverty, and destitution. In a spirit of equanimity, free from bias, attachment and hatred, I contribute to maintaining, and restoring, harmony in life.

Living peace and inner healing in each one of my actions, devoted to the well-being of all lives, human and non-human, is a great appeal to being alive, in the joy of universal love which is the life of life.

2. Our inner humanity

I was born on this Earth, a child of life in the bosom of humanity, my family.

Altruism only gives me the motivation to act for the well-being of all sentient beings while assuming my universal responsibility.

Inner peace, love and compassion, far from displaying noble idealism, are also pragmatic solutions within the new reality, that guarantee the interests of all, against the escheat of social links, and the crumbling of solidarity.

The need to cooperate leads me to acknowledge that the most reliable basis for a sustainable development in the world relies on my individual and shared practice of inner peace, love and compassion.

In this way, I can re-enchant hope and trust in the shared destiny of humanity.

3. Satyagraha, the strength of truth

I was born on this Earth, a child of life within the great natural peace.

In the age of Internet, and of globalization, when I feel manipulated and exploited by the techno-economic culture, I become aware of the fact that I must embody a universal responsibility wisdom, based on the strength of truth and love, that the Mahatma Gandhi called Satyagraha.

Translated in various ways into "The Strength of Truth" or "The Strength of Mind", Satygraha is the weapon of my non-violent fight against injustice. For, as soon as truth expresses itself through me, I become invincible.

Satyagraha requires that I accept suffering and sacrifice without resorting to violence, in my struggle against any form of exploitation and aggression of human or non-human beings. By living Satyagraha in my daily life, I become, among others and with others, a peacemaker and an architect of justice and truth in the world. As a citizen of the world, I take on a new civic bond of universal responsibility.

Without compelling anyone, nor making anyone feel guilty, and with respect for pluralism, in forcefully setting an example, I can inspire others with the determination to bear with me a universal responsibility. As a result, the future generations will witness, one day, the advent of a world I long for but may never see. I am therefore trying to steadfastly build, within my capabilities, the new reality of a loving Earth.

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