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My life has been marked by travel. From Morocco where I was born, to the United States and India, with an attachment to the French culture and the humanism that I associate with it.

India has become my spiritual land through encounters that I could never have imagined. Starting from the ghats of the Ganges clad in golden light, I moved towards the mandala of the Wheel of time to study with masters of the Kalachakra, sages and yogis who know all the secrets. Deep soul connections have continuously revealed themselves, guiding my quest.

I do not cease to be amazed, to love, to learn, to thank, but also to commit myself, to the Dalai Lama with whom I have co-authored 3 books for global ethics, universal responsibility and the protection of human and nonhuman life.

My guides

Sister Emmanuelle whom I have known since childhood was my first spiritual guide.

With the Dalai Lama, whom I met for the first time in 1992, I lived through an experience of transparence which released me from the forms of belief. When one loves Buddha, how not to love Jesus ? I claim no religious affiliation as the heart meditation that I practice is universal.

I find tremendous inspiration from Shantideva, an Indian saint of the eighth century, but also from Francis of Assisi, John of the Cross, or the Persian mystic Suhrawardi.


Since childhood, I have the passion for writing. I learned to read with my grandfather and from the age of four I knew my first book off by heart. It was the Gospel of John as my grandfather was a very pious man and of immense goodness.

For me, writing is turned towards the invisible, and that’s what makes it precious. It is the mirror of the invisible. I wrote my books in a heart to heart with Sister Emmanuelle and the Dalai Lama, and I am pleased to have been able to thus communicate the immense love of these two great figures of humanity to thousands of readers.

Singing – The Chanting of the Dakinis

Singing for me is a communion with all of life.

In this first album, in collaboration with the musicians Ramuntcho Matta and Hiroko Komiya, I give an original interpretation of healing mantras whose transmissions I received from the greatest masters of Tibetan Buddhism.

CD – The Chanting of the Dakinis

My wishes

Transmit the best of what life has given me, whilst deepening with others the understanding of the mind and of the human experience

with my books, lectures and recitals that I give regularly ; ith the spreading of spiritual texts posted on BuddhaLine, French portal of Buddhism, cofounded with Khoa Nguyen ; with retreats of study and deepening of meditative practices, Mantra Yoga and Mantra Therapy that I guide at the Garden of Peace.

Biographical elements

Sofia Stril-Rever, Indianist, author and lecturer, is the French biographer of the Dalai Lama with whom she co-authored 4 books A call for a Revolution (Massot 2017) New reality (The Arena 2016) My Appeal to the world (Threshold 2011) and Spiritual Autobiography (Renaissance Presses 2009), some of which have been translated into some twenty languages.

She is also co-author of the film Dalai Lama, one life after another (Arte 2008) and several books with Sister Emmanuelle, including her Spiritual Testament (Presses de la Renaissance, 2008).

In India, she received traditional training from an Indian Pundit at Sarnath University and a Tibetan lama at Kirti Monastery, and she translated from Sanskrit for the first time in Western language the Buddhist Scriptures of Kalachakra (DDB 2000-2005).

Sofia Stril-Rever teaches meditation and Mantra Yoga. She gives many lectures, recitals of sacred mantras and sang for the Dalai Lama, the Indian saint Amma and the Hindu sage ShriTathata and she is also the founding spokesperson of the Association PEACE & UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY

- A Call For Revolution, co-authored with the Dalai Lama, Harper & Collins, 2018
- Nouvelle Réalité, L’âge de la responsabilité universelle, coauthored with the Dalai-lama, Les Arènes, march 2016
- My Appeal to the World of the Dalai-lama, Tibet House US, march 2015
- My Spiritual Journey coauthored with the Dalai-lama, HarperOne, 2010
- Sœur Emmanuelle, mon amie, ma mère, coauthored with sister Sara, Presses de la Renaissance,
- Mon Testament spirituel coauthored with sister Emmanuelle, Presses de la Renaissance, 2008
- 365 méditations de sœur Emmanuelle, Presses de la Renaissance, 2008
- Kalachakra, Un mandala pour la paix, Preface of the Dalai-lama, photographs of Matthieu Ricard and Manuel Bauer, La Martinière, 2008
- Mille et Un bonheurs, Méditations de sœur Emmanuelle, Carnets Nord 2007
- La Folie d’amour, Entretiens avec sœur Emmanuelle, J’ai lu 2006 –Grand Livre du mois 2006 - Flammarion 2005
- Tantra de Kalachakra, Le Livre de la sagesse, « Traité du mandala », foreword of the Dalai-Lama, full text translated from sanskrit, DDB, 2003
- Kalachakra, guide de l’intiation et du Guru Yoga, teachings of the Dalai-Lama and Jhado Rinpoche, DDB, 2002
- L’initiation de Kalachakra, full text of the ritual and the Dalai-Lama’s teaching, DDB, 2001
- Tantra de Kalachakra, Le livre du corps subtil, preface of the Dalai-Lama, full text translated from sanskrit, Grand Livre du mois 2001 - DDB, 2000
- Kalachakra, album of the Namgyal monastery, preface du Dalai-Lama, Rome, Tibet Domani, 2000
- Enfants du Tibet, de cœur à cœur avec Jetsun Pema et sœur Emmanuelle, DDB, 2000
- Chicago-Harlem, Ecritures de ghetto, Régine Deforges, 1992
- Le Refoulé de l’histoire, Ramsay, 1990

Dakinis, Mantras sacrés du Tibet, SometimeStudio, octobre 2012

Dalaï-lama, une vie après l’autre, diffusion ARTE 10 août 2008

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