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A sense for our actions

We have all been 20 years old, the age of ideals, purity and beauty, of innocence and naivety too. The appeal of the Dalai Lama to the youth also concerns us, it helps us to refocus on ourselves, to revitalize ourselves, to bringing meaning again to our actions and our lives by rediscovering the ideals of our youth, that we have maybe neglected beforethe contingencies of existence. Youth is not a question of age, it is a state of mind, it is openness, it is freedom, it is fraternity.

Le Dalaï-lama

"My young friends,
I am appealing to you because I have observed you and have confidence in you. You grew up in a spiral of destruction on a planetary scale, because of wars, terrorism and the plundering of natural resources. Injustice, greed, and madness are leading the world to ruin. I call upon you to make an unprecedented revolution in human history : the Revolution of Compassion.
It is not the naive dream of an elderly Buddhist monk disconnected from reality.
There is urgency.
My young friends, you are my hope for humanity. "

The book A Call for Revolution !is a call to action addressed to the youth of the world.
In order to act, the youth needs insights and decisions.
It needs above all a multidisciplinary knowledge, lived experiences and acquired skills.
It also needs ideals, dreams, imagination, openness, creativity, innovation, cooperation, collaboration, compassion, kindness, generosity, sharing, solidarity, strength, determination, patience, courage, inner peace, global ethics, universal responsibility, as well as intense and continuous efforts.
Actions after actions, at the end of the path it will find wisdom.

The Dalai Lama’s book calls for emotional maturity and stability, the use of intelligence, the skills acquired through lived experiences, effective actions to create a better, peaceful and happy world.
It brings out what is best in every human being, in particular mutual recognition, mutual respect and mutual understanding.
The slow and inexorable destruction of the Earth and the capacity for the immediate nuclear destruction of the planet make this book urgent and necessary for the salvation of present humanity and future generations.
It is a book of clarity and lucidity, love and compassion.

Published on Thursday, October 26th, 2017, the book was decided upon on Tuesday, January 3rd in Bodh Gaya in India, and then finalized on Monday, October 2nd in Dharamsala.

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