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Network of Universal Responsibility mentors

The International Network of Universal Responsibility Mentors is a project of thirty centuries, of at least three thousand years.
Proposed in December 2012, it was encouraged in June 2016, and its constitutive principles were approved in September 2016.

The reference document for all mentors is the book New Reality, decided upon in September 2015 in Oxford in preparation for the COP21 in Paris and published in April 2016.
The book includes the Charter of Universal Responsibility, the idea of which was submitted in September 2010. The first version was written in French in September 2011, it was updated in English in March 2012, and finalized in February 2016.

The quiet genesis of the Charter and the Network of Mentors is part of the special relationship with the long time that will give rhythm to the creation, development and sustainable growth of the network.
For the record, the unity of time is not the century but the aeon.

Impatience and self-proclamation are inappropriate, even if the human life is short-lived like an ephemeral dream.
In reality, action produces concrete results that are visible and legible.
Indecision and inaction do not lead anywhere, like an arrow at the end of its flight, or the car that is out of gas.

The need that the network wants to satisfy is the transmission of self-confidence from mentors to mentees.
As inner peace is the inexhaustible source of self-confidence, mentors have cultivated this peace throughout their lives.
Their legitimacy has patiently been built through trials, deserved successes and experiences.

From April 2017, the project management for the network creation is carried out by the mentors of mentors, who will carefully be recruited and officially nominated to execute the evolving action plan, constantly adapting to changes in the international situation and the local specificities.

In the action we have two operating models :

1. At the individual level, the F1 cars are fast and precise and drive on circuits specially built for them.
2. At the collectively level, heavily loaded tankers sail slowly over the oceans.

The translation of the book New Reality will be published in January 2018 in the United Kingdom and then in April 2018 in the United States.

If you would like to join the mentor’s network, please feel free to share with us your motivation by sending us an email to

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